Best Disney Original Movies

Bailey Arkell, News Reporter

Teenagers and adults enjoy coming together to watch original Disney movies that are bound to make your heart smile. Out of the several original Disney movies, students at Cabell Midland recommend the ones that are worth your time.

  1. Double Teamed:

This story is a slightly fictional retelling of WNBA stars Annie McElwain and Poppi Monroe as teenagers trying to make the most out of high school. Follow them on their struggle of scout recognition, an overbearing dad and plenty of high school drama

  1. Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century:

A girl power story based off the book written by Marilyn Sadler and Roger Bollen. Young Zenon Kar lives with her family on a space station. When she gets punished for bad behavior, she is sent to earth to live with her aunt in the midst of a planned take down of her home. Join her to find out if she can save those she loves.

  1. Frenemies:

This story follows three pairs of friends as they undergo hardships and the triumphs of having a best friend. This comedy is bound to make you reminisce of your own past times.

  1. Cheetah Girls:

A group of friends try to receive a record deal and win their school’s talent show. Secrets and selfish desires attempt to pull these girls apart. Will they survive?

  1. Starstruck:

On a trip to visit her grandmother, Jessica Olson tries to focus spending quality time with her family while trying to avoid her star-crazy sister. Her plans don’t work out, causing her to meet her sister’s favorite musician through an accident. Find out what happens when an ordinary girl meets a limelight celebrity.

  1. Lemonade Mouth:

A refreshing story of teenagers coming together to try to find themselves in the midst of chaos. As this group of different boys and girls grow closer to one another, they form a band. Together they go through life’s triumphs and downfalls, learning how to keep moving through life.

  1. The Luck of the Irish:

This is a story of a great basketball player who learns of his family’s heritage. After losing his family’s lucky coin, he soon realizes that he is in fact Irish. When his family starts to fall apart, he must step up to defeat the evil leprechaun who stole the coin.

  1. Smart House:

A 13-year-old boy wins a competition and wins a smart house for the prize. Soon after moving in, the smart house starts to take on the characteristics of a mother. After Ben reprograms the system when learning that his widowed father is dating the creator of the house.

  1. Cadet Kelly:

When Kelly’s mother remarries, her new stepfather becomes the Commandant of military school in which Kelly must attend, leaving behind her best friend. Kelly struggles to fit into the military school lifestyle. After making enemies with one of the captains, Kelly is punished for her behavior, earning her a spot cleaning and caring for the drill team equipment. This punishment leads her to find an activity that she enjoys.

  1. High School Musical:

When Troy, the star of the school basketball team, meets the new girl, Gabriella, sparks fly. The two decide to audition for the school musical together, which makes socialite diva Sharpay Evans jealous. Gabriella and Troy struggle to make it to the performance due to overbearing obligations such as sports and academic competitions.