Thankfulness Through the Holidays

Bailey Arkell, News Reporter

The Thanksgiving season is a reminder of friends, family, and the shared joys of life to Americans.

Junior, Sydney Adkins, says that it is important to appreciate what you have in life.

“It is important to be thankful because people need to value what they have so that they can grow to help others that aren’t as fortunate,” said Adkins.

Adkins believes that people often take what they have for granted, not appreciating what they have when others don’t have the same advantage.

“We live in a materialistic society in which most people are raised to always want more. They can never be satisfied with what they have,” said Adkins. “Most people should just be grateful to have friends, family, and activities that make them happy.”

Adkins thinks that by exposing others to disturbing situations will make people appreciate what they have more.

“By exposing people to those who live in poverty, in devastating conditions, it will open their eyes to see the fortune that they have been lucky enough to receive,” said Adkins.

Adkins says that Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful.

“I think in the beginning Thanksgiving used to be about thankfulness,” said Adkins, “but now it is time when families come together to eat and shop. It is a little less about thankfulness and more about togetherness.”

Adkins thinks that family is not determined by blood relation.

“Family is more than blood relation,” said Adkins. It is determined by the love that is shared.”

Adkins also added that the meaning of Thanksgiving and Christmas is interpreted differently.

“Everyone carries different values,” said Adkins. “Some people might think that the meaning of the holidays is misconceived, but it isn’t. It is just interpreted differently, which is why everyone celebrates the holidays differently.”

Adkins says that Thanksgiving was made a national holiday for a purpose.

“During the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln announced that Thanksgiving would be a national holiday,” said Adkins. “His intent was to bring old-fashioned values of family back, reuniting the country. Unity is what Thanksgiving is about.”