Cabell Midland freshmen academies

Julie Zabel, Staff Reporter

Freshmen gathered to listen about the different Cabell Midland academies they will choose from to guide their high school career. The academy they choose will determine what kind of classes they will take for the next three years.

Freshman Lauren Wiley is interested in the Human and Public Services Academy due to its practicality and ability to relate to many different careers.

“I would say I’m the most interested in the Human and Public Services Academy because it prepares people for a variety of more common careers,” said Wiley.

Freshman Kaylee Jack says she prefers the more interactive approach of the Sports Medicine Academy because it better prepares people for careers.

“I like the Sports Medicine Academy the best because it’s more hands-on when it comes to learning, which will be good for all the kids here that are interested in going into medicine,” said Jack.

The academies are designed similarly to the freshman teams, so kids will be separated into classes by academy, and each academy will have certain teachers who will teach the classes.

Jack has enjoyed having her friends with her on her freshman team but wishes the academies weren’t separated because she wants to have more freedom with the classes she will take.

“I have goods friends on my team and am close to my classmates, but I wish the academies weren’t so split up so I could do what I want with my classes,” said Jack.

Wiley thinks the academies being offered will prepare students for their career, but she wishes that there would be some more options for students.

“It’s hard to pick an academy because they will all prepare students for a career, but I wish that there were more options. They took away the Fine Arts Academy, which is what I was interested in because I want to be a makeup artist,” said Wiley.

Jack feels like being split into academies will help students and teachers connect because teachers will have the same students even if their schedule changes.

“Academies will probably help students and teachers bond because they will always see each other every day no matter what,” said Jack.