Lily Martin, Staff Reporter

Everyone has a certain hobby, sport, or activity they like doing or participating in. For one of the students at Cabell Midland, photography has become an everyday task.

“I started photography last spring, I was really inspired by Brandon Woelfel and Kyle Thompson,” said senior Sydney Smith. “But really I just liked making art and I can’t really draw or paint, so I started taking pictures.”

All photographers have a different approach they take, some take similar pictures to other photographers, while others take their own unique shots.

“I first started taking shots of nature and wildlife, but didn’t find a feel for it, so I started taking shots of people,” said Smith. “I knew I had wanted to do portraits and concept art.”

There is something each photographer sees that others may not be able to.

“With people, portraits tell a story or just allow you to capture people in a beautiful way for others to see and appreciate,” said Smith. “Photographing people is my favorite and I love it!”

Advice is given from photographers to those that are just starting out.

“For anyone finding interest in photography, I highly suggest that you find a photographer that you really like and read or watch anything about their style of pictures and what camera they use before purchasing your own,” said Smith. “Finding the right camera for your style of photography is the hardest part because they are very expensive, so you don’t get a do over, researching cameras ahead of time is very important.”

Although certain photographers love their work they do, some still have certain fatal flaws. Along with every activity, sport, or hobby comes a flaw or something that you can work better on.

“The one thing I struggle with is trying to schedule shoots. There is a lot I want to do, but so little time that I actually have to do it,” said Smith. “I also wish I had more time to work with photo shop to practice with graphic designing and photo editing.”