How students will spend their Thanksgiving

Julie Zabel, Staff Reporter

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and with it comes the highly anticipated, week long Thanksgiving break. Students look forward to the break for various reasons.

Senior Reanna DeVore is looking forward to going to her aunt’s house and having Thanksgiving dinner with her family.

“I usually go to my aunt’s house to have Thanksgiving, and a lot of my family shows up for all the turkey and stuffing,” said DeVore.

Senior Cheyenne Elswick, however, is mostly looking forward to staying home, relaxing, and practicing her art.

“I usually stay at home for Thanksgiving, which is fine with me. I catch up on anime, sleep, and draw constantly,” said Elswick.

Another thing many students are excited for is all the delicious food they will get to eat at Thanksgiving.

DeVore is more excited to eat pecan pie for dessert than her family’s actual turkey dinner this year.

“My favorite part of Thanksgiving is the pecan pie after dinner. I’m not a big fan of turkey because it’s usually dry,” said DeVore.

Elswick is also excited for a food other than turkey. Her favorite food is deviled eggs, and she couldn’t care less for the other food.

“I’m most excited for deviled eggs, I love deviled eggs. The rest of the food often smells bad and crowds the table,” said Elswick.

DeVore likes celebrating Thanksgiving because she feels that people often don’t think about how thankful they should be.

“Thanksgiving is good because we don’t often stop to think about what we’re grateful for, and it allows us to be thankful for at least one day,” said Devore.

Elswick enjoys celebrating Thanksgiving because she likes the tradition of it and how it brings big families together.

“I love how everyone here celebrates Thanksgiving in a similar way and how Thanksgiving allows large families to see each other and reconnect,” said Elswick.