The 2017 band season

Julie Zabel, Staff Reporter

Recently, the Cabell Midland Marching Knights ended their band season, placing 63 out of 100 in the national band competition and ranking number one in the state of West Virginia.

Senior Desiree Ward, a clarinet player in Cabell Midland’s band, feels that their show this year was great but that they could have done better at the national competition.

“We ranked 63 out of the 100 bands at nationals. I feel that we could have done a better job, but our show was amazing,” said Ward.

Senior Jacy Whitlock, a flute player in the CMHS band, feels confident about their season and is proud to have been undefeated her senior year.

“I feel great about our season and the competitions we’ve been in this year. It’s awesome to have ended high school on an undefeated band season,” said Whitlock.

For kids that are interested in joining band, Ward says that it has taught her discipline and given her the largest family at Cabell Midland.

“Band is a great way to get discipline and have a family of over a hundred kids that are amazing and always there for you,” said Ward.

Whitlock says that band has always been fun and worth all the hard work, giving her many fond memories she will always look back on.

“Being in band has been the most fun thing about high school for me. It was worth all the long, hard hours we spent over the summer and after school practicing, and I will always have good memories of the band,” said Whitlock.

Whitlock says that band plays a huge role in the school because of its winning reputation, large community, and its love for its school.

“The band has always been one of the school’s best and most successful activities because of the huge family it has created for everyone in it, which has also caused us to have the most school spirit out of any group at Cabell Midland,” said Whitlock.