Christmas Gift Ideas

Hannah Tomes, Staff Reporter

Christmas is just a few weeks away, so if you haven’t started thinking about what you’re going to get for your friends or family, here are some ideas for gifts that are simple but effective!


Everyone loves candy! This would make a good Christmas present if you know someone who has a sweet tooth. You can even go for something like a dessert, which would be even better if it was homemade.


If you know someone who really likes makeup, this would make a great present. And depending on how much you want to pay, there’s plenty of makeup out there that is inexpensive and still good quality.

3.Gift Card

You can never go wrong with this! Get someone a gift card for their favorite store or website and they will not be disappointed.


The holiday season means it’s getting cold outside, so it wouldn’t hurt to get someone a new sweater or two.

5.Anything homemade

Whether it’s a craft or just a DIY project you saw on Pinterest, everyone loves homemade presents, because they all have a personal touch you can’t get anywhere else.

6.Bath bombs

The cool thing about this present is that you can make them yourself if you want to! Perfect for someone who is stressed and needs some time to relax.


For the book lover in your life! This would be a great gift because there’s nothing better than getting a new book that you’ve been dying to read.


A lot of great movies came out this year, so if someone isn’t much into reading, try getting them some movies that you know they’ll love.


This gift may seem a little basic, but socks, especially fuzzy ones, are something you can never have too many of. Especially during the winter.


If you’re looking for a little nicer and more expensive gift, try getting someone some jewelry! There is so much variety out there, from bracelets, to rings, to necklaces, and you can even get some customized.

These are a few ideas for Christmas gifts that you can consider getting for your loved ones. They’re simple, but whoever you get them for is sure to love them!