Influential People of the Past

Bailey Arkell, News Reporter

Cabell Midland High School students recognize important historical figures who greatly influenced today’s society. They remember the past and how far humanity has come in the ways of politics, socialism, and technology.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. “worked for social equality, shedding light on social injustice in America, in which is a power house that has the ability to set an example for other countries,” said junior, Sydney Adkins.
  • Abraham Lincoln “tried to maintain the Union, wanting peace to exist between the North and South. He also was the first candidate to run for the Republican Party,” said junior, Jordan Armstrong.
  • Benjamin Franklin “invented the lightning rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove further advancing scientific discoveries of the era, in which developed a new way of living,” said junior, Jaden Forbush.
  • Cleisthenes “was the original founder of democracy, in which is a form of government coveted by many countries around the world. It is the foundation of the country we live in today,” said junior, Natalie Dauber.
  • Harriet Tubman “was a major contributor in the underground railroad that brought slaves to freedom,” said junior, Emily Ash.
  • Franklin Roosevelt “helped establish policies and principles that help many people to this day. He inspired other politicians in the United States and surrounding countries,” said junior, Alyssa Ferrell.
  • Winston Churchill “was a strong leader who took charge when times were tough with pure, authentic courage,” said junior, Joshua Dauber.
  • Queen Elizabeth I “was able to restore the Church of England after a time of chaos. She made England thrive under her feminine leadership, which was frowned upon by society at the time,” said senior, Emmalina Adkins.
  • Beyoncé “greatly influenced pop culture, feminism, and other female musicians,” said junior, Brady Adkins.
  • Steve Jobs “was a successful man who defined modern technology standards that people and technology companies have today,” said junior, Brooklyn Ferguson.

*Note: this list is not according to rank. It is a simplified list of the many historical figures that have greatly influenced society.*