Half Way There


Faith Caudill, News Repoter

We are now coming to the end of our first semester as seniors, and so far so many memories have been made but it’s hard to imagine that there’s only one more semester to go. The class of 2018 is looking forward to continue making memories until graduation comes, which is closer than we think.

“Now that football season is over it really hit me that I’m a senior,” said senior Jase Raynes, “It’s crazy that I know that I’m no longer going to walk these halls in a jersey on Fridays but the times I spent here are times I’ll never forget.”

We all have looked forward to being the older kids on campus but now that it’s here, we want the time to slow down. By now many of us have already been accepted into colleges and are starting to get a head start on our futures. We couldn’t imagined have making it to this point if it wasn’t for all of the teachers, and counselors that helped us get to this important place in our lives.

“Recently I received the acceptance letter into the college of my dreams and it was everything I wished it would be,” said senior Tatum True, “even though I can’t wait for my future to start it’s hard to imagine all of the goodbyes I will have to have.”

All of us have had different high school experiences but I feel as if I can truly say that the class of 2018 is closer than we could have ever imagined, and I wouldn’t have wanted to be part of any other class than mine. The seniors this year have experienced love and loss which effected every single one of us, senior or not, this school became something that none of us thought possible.

“My freshman year I was very shy and I had a small circle which has somewhat broke apart but there’s been new people to fill those empty slots,” said senior Tommi Lunsford, “I never thought that I would be friends with people from Barboursville because of the huge rivalry between us but here I am with those people by my side. We’re not from Milton nor are we from Barboursville, were from Midland.”

The future is coming faster than we could ever imagine and there is nothing we can do about it besides sit back and make every single minute of it count. So dress up for the spirit weeks, stand up and yell at the pep rallies, and make memories because high school only happens once.

“I never thought that I would be someone to start the chants in the student section becvause at times I didn’t want to make a fool of myself but I had my best friend, Faith Caudill, right by my side,” said Lunsford, “there’s not a thing I would change about this year so far because I gained so much, I look forward to the next semester, even though it’s my last.”