Toys Every 2000s Kid Wanted for Christmas

Julie Zabel, Staff Reporter

  1. Zhu Zhu Pet
    Zhu Zhu pets were the fake hamsters that ran around on motorized wheels. They were the hamsters that left no mess and played more than a real hamster. It could even be purchased with hamster balls and tubes to make the experience more authentic.
  2. Furby
    Furbys are frequently remembered as being creepy electronic pets that were strangely popular. They may be disturbing to adults, but similar to Tamagotchi’s, they were all the rage in the early 2000s.
  3. Heelys
    These were shoes for the more fast-paced, adventurous kids. With these shoes, it was possible to actually roll up to the playground. The wheel on the back of the shoe caused many kids to get injured, resulting in the banning of the shoes in many schools.
  4. Nintendo Wii
    The Wii was the gaming system for the whole family. Unlike an XBOX or PlayStation, the Wii only offered mild, fun games that were suitable for most people, young and old. It was also marketed as a way to keep kids active while playing videogames.
  5. Nintendo DS
    This followed the Gameboy as the new, popular portable gaming system. Like the Wii, this gaming system offered a variety of games marketed to young children. The Nintendo DS still remains one of the top selling gifts for Christmas.
  6. American Girl Doll
    These dolls were luxury dolls that most little girls wanted for Christmas. Kids could get a doll that looked just like them, which also came with personality books that could be filled out. There were also plenty of fashionable dolls that already had backstories available.
  7. Razor Scooter
    Bikes became replaced by scooters as one of the top gifts and mode of transportation for kids. Any kid who had a Razor Scooter will fondly talk about all the time the scooter almost broke their ankles.
  8. Webkinz
    Webkinz quickly became obsessions for many kids in the U.S. Not only were they cute stuffed animals that kids traditionally love to collect, but they also allowed kids to have a Webkinz online account to play games, shop, and connect with friends.
  9. Bratz Dolls
    Bratz became a craze briefly in the early 2000s, becoming just as popular as Barbie. They were disproportional with their small bodies and oversized heads, but they were diverse and appealed to a surprising amount of young girls. They had movies, their own clothing line, shows, and CD’s.
  10. Easy Bake Oven
    Easy Bake Ovens have been around for a long time, but they still sell well today. There were many different versions of the oven that all came with multiple sweet recipes and ingredients. It was also a practical gift as it taught the basics of baking.