Christmastime is Here

Hannah Tomes, Staff Reporter

Christmas is coming up soon and many people are excited for the holiday season and all the joy that comes along with it.

Everyone loves exchanging gifts, watching Christmas movies, and spending time with family. We even get a little break from school. We can all agree that Christmas is a holiday that brings people together and puts everyone in a good mood. There are multiple things about Christmas that we all enjoy, and sophomore Hannah Perry says one of her favorite things about it is spending time with family.

“My favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with my family. I also love spending time with my friends and celebrating Jesus’s birth.” said Perry.

One thing we all look forward to every Christmas is getting presents. As kids we liked to make lists for Santa about what toys we wanted. Even now that we’re older, the joy of receiving gifts is still just as fun.

“Something I want for Christmas is a polaroid camera case so I can take it wherever I go.” said Perry.

For those who celebrate Christmas, there are a lot of traditions that go along with it, like hanging up stockings, decorating a tree, or having a special dinner.

“One tradition my family has is going to my grandma’s house every year for Christmas dinner.” said Perry.

One thing we like to talk about is what the true meaning of Christmas is. Some people believe it is mostly about the season of giving to others and being generous, and that Santa is supposed to represent that. Others believe it is about celebrating the birth of Jesus.

“I think the true meaning of Christmas is to celebrate life, to celebrate Jesus’s birth, and to be happy spending time with the people you love.” said Perry.