Top 10 Christmas Movies

Channing Varnum

  1. How the Grinch Stole Christmas- a coming to age story about how a grumpy Grinch ends up with a heart of gold during Christmas time.
  2. Elf- A normal man in the North Pole believes he is an elf. He goes into New York City to find his real dad. It is a story about the adventure of finding family.
  3. Home Alone- A child is left home alone during the holidays. Two men try to break into his house because they believe everyone is gone.
  4. Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer- the story of how Rudolph became the head of the sleigh.
  5. White Christmas- is a comedy with romance. The family has financial difficulties during Christmas, around World War 2.
  6. A Christmas Story- is about Ralph wanting a Red Ryder bb gun and his journey of getting one for Christmas.
  7. Christmas Vacation- A family is planning on having a great Christmas, but all of their family comes in to surprise them, It was creating chaos.
  8. The Polar Express- is about kids who get tickets to ride The Polar Express.
  9. Miracle on 34th Street- A guy replaces intoxicated Santa in the Macy’s day parade and is said to be the real Santa Claus.
  10. The Nightmare Before Christmas-  Jack Skellington is trying to steal Christmas and Santa Claus, but he soon realizes there are many difficulties.