How romantic gestures are different for every couple

Julie Zabel, Staff Reporter

Every couple has a different dynamic, which means that every couple, no matter how long they’ve been dating, expresses love in different ways.

Senior Hannah Compton recently started dating Philip Ketchum three months ago, but have been friends for a long time.

“Philip and I have only been dating for three months,” said Compton. “But we are both Jewish and have gone to temple together our whole lives, so we get along really well and share a lot of interests.”

Senior Kiley McCoy has been dating her boyfriend Josh Shively for significantly longer, and they have only become better friends because of their relationship.

“We got together on April 16 2015, and we pretty much do everything together,” said McCoy.

Compton said she would describe her relationship as more of a realistic relationship that is focused for long-term commitment.

“I would say that our relationship is more focused on love than just romance, and it is sensible and practical,” said Compton.

Compton said that her and Ketchum try to focus on smaller gestures and spend time together doing something they both enjoy to show their affection.

“We try to keep our relationship simple,” said Compton. “I like to do little romantic things like make him smoothies, and our best dates are anytime we go hiking.”

McCoy said that her relationship is like a deep friendship as well as romantic partnership.

“Our relationship is loving fun, and slightly competitive. We’ve shared so many things that I made us matching photo albums of all our memories together with quotes,” said McCoy.

According to McCoy, the most romantic gesture that Shively has done for her was getting her matching bracelets from Rome.

“He surprised me by getting us matching bracelets on his trip to Rome,” said Compton. “It meant a lot, and I loved them because they had such deep meaning to me.”