DIY Gifts for Valentines


Lily Martin, Staff Reporter


  1. “I love you with all of my senses”: Pick out five gifts that cover the five senses. One for sight, one for sound, one for scent, one for touch, and one for taste. Put each one into a box or bag that labels what fifth sense it covers. Lastly, write out on a paper or card “I love you with all of my senses”, and if you’d like you can personalize it in any way with a poem or letter.
  2. Love coupons: For this project you will need paper, scissors, and pens. Love coupons are coupons that can count for anything. Examples may include, “Breakfast in bed”, “One free massage” or “Dinner and a Movie”. Cut out however many coupons you want to make and personalize them for your significant other.
  3. “Remember when” letters: Collect a box and write out letters starting with “Remember when…” and provide a pleasant memory you had with that person. Do that with as many letters as you choose. On the front of the box label it “Memory box” and gift it to your other.
  4. 100 Reasons: Find a jar, some paper, and scissors. On 100 separate pieces of paper write out one reason per paper that you love or why you like the person you are with. It could even be 100 reasons you like your friend, or teacher. You can customize it in any way you chose.
  5. Baking: When it comes to giving gifts you can never go wrong with food! For Valentines you could bake a cake or a pizza in the shape of the heart and gift it to a boyfriend/girlfriend, family member, or a friend. If you aren’t the best at cooking, Pizza Hut always has heart shaped pizzas for sale on Valentines day!