Latest In Music

Sydney Smith, Staff Reporter

Alternative One of the best new albums out in the alternative music genre is Lana Del Rey’s “Lust for Life”. The album, which can be described as romanticized cinematic music, features artists such as The Weeknd, A$AP Rocky and Stevie Nicks. The album has a total of sixteen songs on it and runs for an hour and eleven minutes. Many have commented about how this album is essentially very Lana: gloomy and glamorous. Each song portrays a time or place, making the album seem equivalent of that to postcards or memories, talking about Woodstock, California and beaches.

R&B Another powerful female album that has grown in popularity is SZA’s “CTRL”. This album contains fourteen songs and plays for a total of forty-nine minutes. This album, which contains a lot of powerful emotions and haunting sound bites of voices throughout the tracks, features artists such as Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar and James Fauntleroy. Many feel this album was a statement, considering mostly males dominate the R&B genre and her songs are reflect no shame about topics such as adultery or her physicality.

Rap Considerably one of the best albums released in the rap industry in the past year was Logic’s “Everybody”. The album contains thirteen tracks and has a running time of one hour and ten minutes. This album, which contains political statements as well as speaks about mental health, features artists such as Alessia Cara, Ansel Elgort and Juicy J. This album, much like Logic’s previous albums, contained humility and vulnerability as he reflects on topics such as mental health and race.

Pop While this album technically is listed as R&B, many teens are attracted to Khalid’s “American Teen” for his hit pop anthems, such as “8teen”. This album, which does not feature anyone artist except Khalid himself, has a total of fifteen songs and a running time of fifty-four minutes. Khalid’s sincerity is felt from the beginning of the album as the nineteen year old reflects on his youth, the future and things that make him happy.

What To Watch For Although this is a movie soundtrack for “Black Panther,” this soundtrack has fourteen songs and runs for a total of forty-nine minutes. This album has twenty three artists, all African-Americans, creating a variety of Rap, R&B and Hip Hop tracks. Kendrick Lamar is the featured artist of this album, however other artists working on the album are Khalid, The Weeknd, Travis Scott and many more. Many music fans believe this will be the best soundtrack of the year.