April Horoscopes

April Horoscopes

Alyson Smith, Section Editor


Jan 20th-Feb 18th

April showers bring May flowers! Do not worry if this month did not go as planned because great things await you for the month of May. Hang in there because your turn is coming.


Feb 19th-Mar 20th

Bring out your silly side by partaking in a few April Fool’s Day pranks. It will be a good way to relieve some stress and get a good laugh.


Nov 22nd-Dec 21st

Try out your skills in gardening! You may have more of a green thumb than you think. Buy a succulent or two next time you are at Lowe’s.


Dec 22nd-Jan 19th

The Easter bunny is bringing you a basket of goodies this month. Be ready for some great surprises because here comes Peter Cotton Tail! Easter is your lucky day.


Oct 24th-Nov 22nd

You will find relief in a persisting problem. Winter is over so that means it is time to start fresh. That long awaiting answer is finally here for you.


Apr 21st-May 21st

Be careful of bad habits you may have obtained over the winter season. Spring is here and it might be time to get into gear. Do not let these habits catch up with you.


June 22nd-July 22nd

A close friend will make a confession to you this month. Do not be quick to come to conclusions because in the end it will all turn out alright.


July 23rd-August 21st

Enjoy this holiday by eating a few Cadbury creme eggs with friends. Hold onto your true friendships this month. A great way to get in the Easter and Spring spirit.


Aug 22nd-Sept 23rd

Spring may hit you with a bumpy start. Emotional times are in your presence right now. Push through these times and everything will resolve itself.


Sept 24th-Oct 23rd

Good fortune awaits you. This is the season you will hit the jackpot in the financial world. But do not respond with greed or Karma will come for you.


May 22nd-June 21st

Spend some time outdoors this Spring. Take a hike, ride a bike, or go to the park. If you connect with nature you are sure to get over your winter depression.


Mar 21st-April 20th

Do not let yourself get behind on spring cleaning. Procrastination will result in a busy spring for you. Take charge and get organized.