Student Council

Student Council

Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

Student council is a way for students to make a change in the school.  A way for the students themselves to have a voice.

Past student council member (running again this year) Hannah Perry said, “I want to be a part of student council to spread support for our community, and to make a difference in indivual’s lives.”

This is her second year of participating in student council and she enjoys doing it. Hannah is in student council to share her ideas, and to help the community that she loves.  It makes her happy to see others happy.  She was a senator the first year of student council.  This year Hannah is running for Senator again because she really wants to make a change.

“We come up with ideas for our group to sponsor, and we try to help as much as we can,” said Perry.

They do great acts for others, like selling things for fundraisers and having Christmas drives for kids.  These are amazing things that the students do for others.  These are few of the reasons that the student council is great. Once Homecoming and Prom time come around they help decorate the gym and the concourse.  They do this so that the people that go to these events can enjoy the setting and have lots of fun.

We should thank the student council for their helping hand in all these different influential acts.  The student council election is coming up so don’t forget to vote on who you think can make the best choices for our school!