Student Section: Bust or Must?

Cabell Midland recently had its first annual football game of the year against St.Albans. The knights won with a tremendous lead against St.Albans, and started the year strong.

However, many students have stated that the student section has lost it’s flare for the time being. Katie Blankenship, A senior said “The student section definitely could’ve been more hyped”

Her opinion wasn’t a rare one either. Multiple students stated that they believed that with the loss of the 2018 class, that they also lost some of the old fashioned “school-spirit” that they had brought to the castle.

The first theme of the year was “Memes”, and while multiple students gave it their all, it was also stated that it was hard to decipher what each costume truly represented. Blankenship said “I didn’t have a favorite, all the costumes were funny!”

This brings the question; should themes be memorable, or relatable? While Blankenship believed that they shouldn’t be organized by either, many students said that they wanted something more “unique” in the future. And to go deeper, will the the student section be able to compete with the energy from past years?

Many believe that the loss of pep rallies may be to blame. How can someone have school spirit when their on school doesn’t promote it? Blankenship believes that while it does depend on the students, without that first spark, there can be no fire.