Midland’s First Football Game

Midlands First Football Game

Jared Pullen, Reporter

For the first football game of the year, the Knights played unbelievably well, even against an underwhelming opponent.

The Knights had a good plan formed, which they executed well. They didn’t let their opponent get the upper hand, while absolutely dominating their opposition. From the opponent’s point of view, they just simply couldn’t do anything. What do you do against an opponent with good defense and offense?

“We played almost perfectly,” said Mr. Stead. “The opponent was simply overwhelmed.”

Alongside a perfect strategy, a below average opponent, and some good plays, we held a high score. With our team at 62 – 0, the crowd was going insane. The Knights were seemingly unbeatable, and the crowd acted accordingly.

“There was a lot of cheering,” said Mr. Stead. “I was impressed.” From the crowd cheering, the strong plays, and the score, it appeared to be a great game.

The Knights played brilliantly. They had a balanced strategy, good offense with a good defense. Many people, including Mr. Stead, believed it to be a great first game. Our opponent was helpless to the assault our Knights brought. With the crowd going wild, and our team coming out on top, this is a sign for a great year for the Knights.