Thoughts on the 10 point grading scale


Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

When starting a new school year, there are always new policies, rules, and expectations; but not as new as the 10 point grading scale currently being used during 2018-2019 school year.

From the beginning of the school year it was established that there would be a new grading scale for the students in Cabell County. This new grading scale is viewed differently between teachers and students, in a positive or negative light. Although the majority believe that the new grading scale is an improvement, the results could lead to lower expectations.

Civics and psychology teacher Mr. Morrison believes that the 10 point grading scale is better since it prepares students for college. “If it’s good enough for college it’s good enough for High school” stated Morrison.
“Students will face this in college, there is no reason it shouldn’t be held to the same expectations”
Morrison believes that the new scale will not significantly lower expectations.
“ If a student gets a 90, it is good enough for a 93.”

Students are also enjoying the new grading scale with its new benefits such as senior April White who also believes the 10 point grading scale is great.
“I find it more convenient that it matches Marshall’s grading scale,” stated White
White thinks that the scale better prepares students for the future.
“This grading scale will help us be better prepared for college and give us experience to be ready after graduation,” said White.
It can be said that the majority percentage of students and teachers approve the new grading scale; as students can adjust to this different, but positive standard that will have a huge impact on everyone. As for standards it remains normal, for both teachers and students during the 2018 -2019 school year, unless the curriculum is changed sometime through the year