The First Week of School


Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

The first week of school has come and gone and students are beginning to settle in to their classes. Some of them shared their thoughts and feelings about the new year so far.

Junior, Taylor Stevens says the thing she likes most about this year is her new classes.

“I like my classes a lot this year, especially Psychology and Early Childhood Education.” said Stevens.

While a new school year can often be exciting and feel like a fresh start, most people have a hard time letting go of summer, which isn’t surprising. Having to wake up early every day and go to school isn’t fun, but it’s important to focus on the positive aspects of it.

Junior, Gloria Swann says she likes getting to hang out with her friends at school.

“Something I like about school is getting to see my friends.” said Swann.

Starting a new school year can also be nerve-wracking and a little confusing. Sometimes it’s difficult to get certain scheduling issues worked out, and there are usually a few kids that get lost over the first few days.

“One thing I dislike about this year is the new bell schedule.” said Stevens. “I wish they gave us more time in the morning before class.”

There are many different emotions that can be felt during the first week of school, especially for freshmen, who are entering a completely different environment. Although it can be stressful for a little while, it just takes time to get used to a new routine.

“My advice to incoming freshmen is be nice, be respectful, and stick to yourself.” said Swann.