Interview with the Knight Crew of 2022

Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

A new school year typically means new teachers, classes, classmates, lockers, and friends. However, freshmen have the greatest disadvantage-a new school.

Freshman, Emma Londeree and other freshmen were intimidated by their new school.

“It was a tiny bit intimidating just because of all the people,” said Londeree. “At the same time, it wasn’t too different from Barboursville Middle.”

Ninth grader, Kenzie Nottingham agrees with Londeree.

“Good Lord, that’s a lot of people,” said Nottingham. “I was really intimidated by the upperclassmen.”

Freshman Olivia Turman weighed in on just how nervous she truly got on her first day.

“I was afraid I was going to get lost,” said Turman. “All of the upperclassmen were very helpful with directions, though.”

Ninth grader, Jacob Lee gave a bit of input on his level of nerves when entering the castle for the first time.

“I was only a little nervous,” said Lee. “I was afraid of getting lost and meeting my teachers.”

I’m sure we all wish we had been given at least a little slice of advice. What about this year’s freshmen?

Londeree wanted to comment on how chilly the castle’s halls and rooms get.

“I would definitely tell myself to bring a jacket,” said Londeree. “It’s so cold in this building.”

Freshman, Savannah Smith chose to make sure she wasn’t stressed out on her first day of school.

“It didn’t matter if I was late on the first day,” said Smith. “Don’t worry about getting lost because teachers are always helpful.”

Every single year we take awhile to prepare ourselves for what we’re getting ready to do. The thing is, freshmen don’t exactly have a way of looking at what they did the previous year and improving upon that. What do they do, then?

Nottingham weighed in, explaining exactly what she did to get herself ready for her first year at the castle.

“I just talked to people in a grade or two above me,” said Nottingham. “They helped me with what to expect and what to do.”

One of the greatest things you’re ever given in your very first week of school is advice. Some comes from a parent or guardian, and others come directly from a teacher.

Turman claimed that Mr.Adkins gave her an unforgettable piece of advice.

“Mr.Adkins told us that it wasn’t really our first day,” said Turman. “We’ve been going to school for years, we just have to adapt still.”

Nottingham agreed with Mr.Adkins’ input.

“Mr.Adkins told us to never buy pool passes for the third floor,” said Nottingham, “neither exist.”

To all the freshmen in the class of 2022: We welcome you to the castle and we wish you luck towards your future endeavors!