First Victory of the Season


Ruth Brown, Reporter

Cabell Midland High School is one of the biggest schools in the state of West Virginia, and they also take their football games as one of the most serious sports in the school year. The school had a crushing victory on Friday night’s game over St. Albans. The football team won with an amazing score of 69-0. This game gives us a clue on how the rest of the season will play out this year.
Senior, Olivia Webb thinks that the football game was predictable.

“The game was too predictable,” said Webb. “Before the first quarter ended, I knew that we were going to crush St. Albans from the start”

Other students that attended the game had similar thoughts. A lot of them left after the first half of the game, knowing how the game would turn out.

Senior, Lauren Hendrix thinks that overall the game was good. “I had to stay the whole time because I am with the band.” said Hendrix. “Overall the game was good. There school spirit was there with the students.”

The people who stayed during the whole game were ecstatic to see the huge victory over the opposing school. The student section this game was large. The student section was rowdy and crowded with seniors. The seniors of Class 2018-19 really brought their school spirit to the football game. The seniors, in past years, have chosen the theme that the student sections have. The first game was memes and vines. Many people dressed up in the funniest, common memes and vines. Goodness knows what kind of themes will appear this season.

With this first victory of the football season, this gives us a clue to how the rest of the season will go. Although to many said the game was predictable, this season will be one of the best ones yet.