Overview of the Student Section Theme


Zac Backus, reporter

Schools all across the south take football games seriously, and Cabell Midland is no exception. Every home game our students decide on a student section theme to help gather school spirit and have fun. These themes can range from wearing a sports jersey to Neon, covering themselves in glow-in-the-dark neon body paint.

Recently this past friday the theme was Memes and Vines, a first for us here at Cabell Midland.

Senior Ally Fletcher enjoyed friday nights theme.

“I thought it was fun, and more geared towards our age group then usual themes.”

When asked if she participated, she stated said she had.

“I did, because vine and football is my life. I went as the I can’t afford chicken nugget Vine.”

A plethora of students went as a variety of memes and vines, some going more “all-out” then others. A popular one was of Senior Nathan wallis, who did Joanne The Scammer.

“Nathans costume was amazing, he was fully dressed from wig to shoes.” said Fletcher.

In the past few years, the seniors have been the ones to choose the theme for the game. This is usually decided by a group chat or just certain students taking charge, because trying to involve all 400+ students in the choosing system has proven to be difficult.

Fletcher said they way we do it now is the best way possible.

“I don’t think there is any better way to choose, because the seniors have always chosen.” she said. “When the underclassmen become seniors, they will get the responsibility of choosing it.“

Junior Alaina asebes was at the game, but unfortunately wasn’t sporting a costume.

‘I was planning on going as JoJo Siwa,” said Asebes, “But my skirt tore before the game.”

Overall, the theme was a success. Student section themes will always be apart of football games across the country, especially at Cabell Midland.