Brennon Shope, the Greatest Team Captain


Lee Blake, Reporter

This season the boys’ soccer team has tried their hardest to win every game they have played. Last night their skills were tested when they played George Washington High School on the 31 of August. Both teams played to the best of their abilities and ending a 1-1 tie. After finding out the ending of the game, I asked Brennon Shope some questions. Senior, Brennon Shope has high expectations for this season “I feel this season will go extremely well because we have skilled players and with our great coaches we can do an outstanding,” said senior Brennon Shope.

I also asked Shope if he felt the team could win states this season in response, “If we push ourselves and do everything possible our practices and games I see no reason why we could not win on a state level” said shope. Shope’s overall view of the team and all the players is the definition of a true team captain because he is up lifting and motivational. I asked him how he though the team would do with him next season “The team has all the talent necessary to be successful next season when I’m gone and I see no reason why they can’t be great” said Shope.

I asked Ethan Ball a member of the soccer team what his opinion was toward shope “I feel Brennon is a key part of our team and he helps make us feel like we are one family working as one,” said Ethan.

My personal opinion on Shope is a fantastic team caption who leads his team in a manner that the team to be structured but also watched over by a great player. If every sports team had a team caption like Shope then all sporting events would be held to a higher standard and would be more enjoyable for everyone. “To all the teams and players in all of Cabell Midland’s sports departments I wish you the best of luck this season,” Said Shope.