The New School Schedule


Tessa Spurlock, Reporter

As we welcome the freshmen and the new school year, we were all surprised by the new schedule, leaving students with questions. Many students in the school have mixed feelings about it.


The new school time is only 15 minutes earlier compared to last year, but many students ride the bus, making students wake up even earlier


“I don’t like it,” said junior Maddie Sansom. “I have to be there so early.”


The new school time is not much of a change for the teacher, but they feel it is too early for students.


“It is the same time for us, but there needs to be more time in between the teacher bell and the student bell,” said freshmen teachers (Mrs. Dillie, Taylor, and Sullivan.)


Some studies have shown that starting school later for teens can improve grades, mood, and health safety.


“I wish that it would start a little bit later, so I could sleep in a little longer,” said Sansom. “Some people like the new school time, because it makes leaving school easier for them.”


“We like it,” said freshmen teachers. “Getting out later makes less traffic for us leaving.” The teachers get out at 3:15pm and the students get out at 2:57 which leaves more time for students to clear out.


Some students wondered why they made the school day earlier and not later.

“They had to add nine extra minutes of educational time to the school day,” said the freshman teachers. Most students have enjoyed having homeroom, also known as “S.H.I.E.L.D.” at the beginning of the day because it gives 39 minutes in the morning to do homework, talk, do links lessons, eat, and fully wake up before class.


“I like S.H.I.E.L.D. at the beginning of school, because it gives me time in the morning to do homework I did not get finished” said Sansom. Of course, given the opportunity, many students would rather have school at the end of the day.


“I would change S.H.I.E.L.D. to the beginning of the day, so I could do my homework before I go home,” said Sansom.


Some students get up earlier to catch the bus, but teachers still have to come at the same time as last year.


“We have to come at the same time as last year, 7:15 am,” said freshmen teachers.


Some students believe starting school earlier and having shield at the beginning of the day has made the school days feel shorter.


“The day feels shorter to me,” said Sansom. Given the opportunity many students would change the schedule.


“I would like a longer lunch,” said freshmen teachers.


Of course you cannot please everyone when it comes to school, and many students, teachers, and parents do not like the change, but next year things might change again or they might keep it the same. “Who knows, it’s a mystery,” said teachers. “Everything is subject to change when it comes to education.”