Favorite seasons for students


Jordan Armstrong, Reporter

From rain, heat, wind and snow the four seasons have had an impact on us, although majority of students had claimed that fall was their favorite time of year. Many of the students that had voted fall all had similar answers to why they enjoyed the season, many enjoyed festivals sports and the weather itself.

Senior Trey Blake loves fall, because of past experiences.

“I like the weather because it is comfortable to me,” said Blake.

Blake provided his main reasons as to why fall was such a great time of year for him, Blake explained he admired the colors and the trees changing color.

“The season is full of warm colors,” said Blake “I love seeing the trees change color during that time of year,” Blake claimed.

“I love many of the fall sports such as Football, and I enjoy going to any games I make it to,” said Blake

Although the majority of students chose fall as their favorite season, there are many more opinions as to why each season is perfect for everyone. Many of the people who love winter claimed that snow and Christmas were the main reasons they love that time of year.

Senior Skylar Clagg loves winter because of certain activities that occur during winter. Clagg expressed that winter was a great experience for him as he competes for the swim team in early to mid-winter.

“I love swim competitions and I always get excited to see what we can accomplish during that time of year,” said Clagg.

All of the seasons each have their own special feeling that gives every student a reminder of past memories, sports and other activities. As for the different times of year, holidays are one of the main reasons as to why many students enjoy that time of year.