Should We Have Clubs?

Should We Have Clubs?

Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

Different students have different points of view of how clubs should go.  The choices are between if we should have clubs after school, during shield or not have clubs at all.  Some students enjoy their club, and a lot of students do not.

“Clubs should be in the afternoon. We could do a 2-hour release schedule. With the extra 2 hours go to two different clubs,” Junior Meredith Mears said.  She wants to join the Fellowship Christian Athletes club.

Unlike Mears,  junior Emily Alexander does not want clubs.  She doesn’t like having clubs because she can’t do her homework in shield.  The club she was in during Freshman year was Fellowship Christian Athletes club.  She does not want clubs to come back because she and most others do not like clubs.

During freshman year, Mears joined the coloring club.  She enjoyed that club because she liked to color.  If clubs do come back she would want them to be approximately 33 minutes long.

“Kids shouldn’t be forced to join a club,” said Mears. “You should want to join a club if you’re actually interested.”

“I’m really not a fan of clubs,” said Alexander. “I’d rather have my shield time to do my homework.”  Clubs are something you should enjoy doing and that wasn’t the case for Alexander.

One thing they both agreed on is that clubs should not be forced.  Students should be able to join clubs only if they really want to.  That’s the best way to get students to participate with one another in the club.