Afterschool Supper Program

Afterschool Supper Program


Hannah Tomes, Co-Editor

Cabell Midland has decided to start serving dinner to kids staying after school for extracurricular activities on Mon., Sep. 10th.

Junior, Meredith Mears believes this is a great idea because sometimes just a snack isn’t enough to keep students fueled for practice.

“I think serving dinner to after school kids is a great idea because most kids used to have to rely on bringing their own snacks, and sometimes they could forget to bring one or maybe it wouldn’t be enough,” said Mears.

Cabell Midland stated that they have decided to start the after school supper program to assist with their students’ needs.There are so many kids staying after school every day, some of them late into the night. Making sure students participating in sports get a balanced dinner could result in better performance.

“One reason I think this school decided to start this program is because so many kids are staying after school for band, sports, and clubs,” said Mears. “With this privilege, maybe now our sports teams can earn us even more wins and state titles.”

This program can not only be beneficial for students, but also their parents. Many families will no longer have to worry about making sure their child is getting plenty to eat.

“I think parents are probably happy about this idea. Their kids are getting something healthy and free,” said Mears.

Overall, it seems as if this program will turn out to be a successful one, and hopefully make life a little easier for those who have a longer school day than others.

“I like the grab and go style for supper so students can take what they need or save it for later,” said Mears. “I think it should be available to all students even if they don’t stay after school.”