Freshman’s View on High School

Freshmans View on High School

Maddy Adkins, Staff Reporter

Starting high school is like starting a whole new chapter in your big life story. High school is home to a lot of memories, from first heartbreaks and new experiences to starting a career path for the future. For most people, especially freshmen, starting high school is a nerve-wracking experience.

“It was hectic,” freshman Danielle Hughes said when asked about her first day of high school. “I got lost a few times and I was extremely nervous.”

Most freshmen are tense when it comes to starting high school. Whether it be the fear of meeting new people that enrolled from other schools or the new challenges of finishing classwork in a deliberate yet scurrying manner, high school can seem frightening. Another substantial concern that freshmen may also have, especially at Cabell Midland, is the size of the school.

“This school is huge! It’s like a big maze,” said Hughes. “There are so many staircases. It is so hard to find the ones closer to my classes.”

Some say that the whole school is a labyrinth while others say that they have a harder time getting around on the second floor. Freshmen can also say that there are a lot of differences between middle and high school education.

“In middle school, it’s basically just math, science, history, language and maybe a few others such as band, choir, health and art. In high school, not only do you have your core classes, but you also have multiple electives to choose from,” said Hughes. “Classes get a little more difficult too when you become a high schooler. Teachers aren’t as lenient on turning in work late like they were in middle school. I feel more mature and more respected now. High school really makes you look at school as a work environment and a place to start planning your future rather than a playground. “