Back to School

Back to School

Danielle Hughes, Staff reporter.

As a freshman the first day of school was overwhelming and sent me on an emotional roller coaster. On my first day I was scared.

Freshman Lillian Bass said her first impression of high school was, “Terrifying, I felt so many different emotions through out the day, one second I was scared of getting lost then the next I so was happy to see my friends again. Then I remembered how big the school was and I started freaking out. On the first day I was worried I would get lost or something, on the second day I started worrying about forgetting my classes, by the end of the second week I was ready.”

Freshman Skylar Ballengee, like Bass, was worried too. “I was scared I’d walk into the wrong class because the school is so huge.”

After a few days everything started shaping up though. “After a few days I kinda got into routine and remembered where all my classes were, I was so exited when I didn’t have to use my schedule anymore,” said Ballengee.

As a freshman high school was so stressful because you’re worried you wont fit in or your friends will be different then they were or won’t want to hang out with you anymore. You’re scared no one will like you because you’re the new kids in school and you don’t know where anything is.  High school is hectic but I love it. After a few days you realize high school isn’t so bad.