The importance of Stem Classes

Zac Backus, Reporter

Here at the castle we offer a wide variety of STEM (Science, technology, engineering and math) Classes. They can help students figure out what they want to do in college and in life after high school. Senior Layne Powell takes one of Midland’s multiple advanced Math classes.

“I have AP Calculus this year, and next semester I’ll be taking physics.” said Powell.

Powell said that Mr. Riazi has helped him like learning.

“Yeah, Riazi is a good guy and a amazing teacher,” said Powell. “He makes learning the math fun and makes me laugh.” 

Powell took the class to help him in college, where he strives to be an engineer.

“I wanna do engineering in college, and this class will help me achieve that goal.” said Powell.

Even though we offer a wide range of STEM classes, there are some we do not offer.

“I wish we had a class in economics, that field is really interesting.” said Powell.

Overall, We has a great STEM system with some of the best teachers. When scheduling comes around for the next school year keep that in mind.