Life in High School


Morgan Nelson

The first time in a person’s life that they will remember being a part of something is high school, everything starts that first day of freshman year and even last day of senior year when you walk across the stage.

Juniors Meredith Mears and Emily Alexander said, “A lot of things seemed to have began in freshman year like new and forever friends, memories that you will remember even once you start a life. The memories will be with you forever.”

“I usually get all of my work done in class or at least I try to before I get home so I have some time f0r any activities I have planned with my family or friends,” said Mears.

“I prefer backpacks over lockers because I like having everything with me so I don’t accidentally forget anything,” said Alexander.

“I usually don’t set an alarm and usually just wake up on my own, though some people may need an alarm but others not,” said Mears. “Emily and I have never been to any form of a dance and we are not sure if we are even going to go to any this year because of the amount of drama and such that has followed after the dances and they are really not our/my particular scene, too noisy.”

“All of my classes are alright. The teachers are the only thing that I didn’t necessarily like, but I’m not saying I don’t,” said Alexander.

“I had a fun and embarrassing first year here at Cabell Midland but I did enjoy it, a little confusing but enjoyed it,” said Mears.