Seniors 2019


Jenna Lemley, Reporter

As a new school year has began a new senior class comes upon us. It is such a bittersweet thing not only being a senior but seeing the seniors leave. I decided to ask few seniors different things according to their senior year. I asked a fellow best friend how her senior year is going so far,  “I am ready to graduate!”, says senior Trinity Casto who happens to be one of my best friends since sophomore year. “What are you looking forward to for senior year?”, I ask another good friend since sophomore year. “I am looking forward to senior trip and doing some regretful things.”, says senior Luke Jordan. As a senior I’ve hoped I have lived my high school years to the fullest and that I that it will be something I will miss so I asked a good friend if they felt like they had. “Heck yeah best time of my life”, says senior Tivon Watts who is also on the Midland Knights football team. As a senior you have to figure out your future plans because you have college and then your life is started right around the corner. To me I think this is what stresses me out because I have an idea of what I wish to do but its how to get there. So I asked someone what their plans are after high school. “I am going to play baseball somewhere and become an engineer”, says senior Peyton Weekly who is on the Knights baseball team.