Early Start

Early Start

Lee Blake, Reporter

This school year Cabell Midland has decided to start their school day at 7:30. Making some students very angry because the county didn’t consult them about opinions on the change. “I hate that I have to wake up at 5:30 every day to go to school when last year’s schedule worked just fine” said senior Cameron Blizzard.

Cameron has now been late several times due to the schedule change and he wants to voice his opinion.

I asked another student their opinion on the earlier start time and they said “I wish the time was the same as every other year because now traffic is horrible and I am late almost pretty much everyday” said Kelcy Bryant.

Kelcy is a student driver and says the gets caught in traffic which makes her even later.

The school system made the schedule not thinking about how it would affect the students and their parents. Maybe the change was for the county to say we need to wake up earlier and be more motivated.

But I don’t think that worked out on their part cause there has been way more tardys with the schedule change. “As a girl I feel I have inadequate time to prepare myself for the day” said Anonymous

I say the change has a major impact on the student body making students more tired throughout the day and not allowing them to be engaged in class and his/her work. I also feel like if the county would have at least attempted to ask people’s opinions then people wouldn’t get so worked up over the issue.