first cabell midland knights game


dylan maynard, reporter

Cabell midland high school almost everyone in the school either plays in the game or goes to watch them. Everyone in the school has a lot of support when it comes to football.  Football may be there most popular sport but they have many others that are popular like basketball, soccer and softball.

Freshman max nibert attended the game and enjoyed it. “I had a great time. St. albans got the crap beat out of theme,” max nibert said. “ it was a new experience, and i’m always up for those.”

Freshman chris little said “i was surprised about the outcome of the game, because the players played so well it was crazy.,” “people in the crowd were getting excited as we began to take the lead” chris little said “the crowd was uncontrollable by the end of the game.” chris said.

As max said they did “beat the crap out of st. albans” and the students at cabell midland expect the team at cabell midland to do the same or better next game. The coach’s hard work and training should render them ready for the games this season and take state championship.

With proper training the team at midland will be even better than years before. The coaches are doing there best to get the team properly trained for there next game. The students are hoping for a good game and a good performance at next week’s game.