Lady Knights Soccer

Julianne LaFon, Reporter

On Thursday our lady Knights played George Washington, and sadly lost 1-0.


The game didn’t seem to go very well, the players were disappointed in how the game turned out and some were even disappointed in the refs.

“I was mad and upset, not only with the way we played but with the refs as well” said Freshman Tristyn Blake.”I got to play around 45 minutes in the Varsity game and half of the JV game. GW was terrible to play with because they played so dirty” Blake said.

The team is apparently playing a lot better and will put up a stronger fight against GW next time.

” We played really well, we started playing a lot better together and as a whole.” said Blake “We’ve gotten so much better so fast.” ” We played good, we just need to work on a few things” said Freshman Hailey Casto ” I think we could get a way better score against them next time.”

GW was one of the difficult teams to play, not because they were good. They played very dirty.

” The game didn’t turn out the way I thought it was until about half way through because they played very dirty” said Casto “The game was a lot harder because of that. I only played around 10 minutes and they were a hard 10 minutes.”

The lady Knights seem the know what’s going on and have high expectations their individual selves and the team. I believe in them and believe the team will do very well this season.