Cabell Midland Band

Tessa Spurlock, Reporter

Band is a big part of Cabell Midland, and there is many students involved with the band. The band goes to many competition every year, they play at football games, basketball games, and in parades. Mostly everyone knows about the band and they are a huge part of the school spirit.

“I’ve been in band for four years,” said senior Jackson Hussell-Davis “since my freshman year of high school.” Students mainly join band freshman year, but students can join at anytime and are always welcome.

“I play the snare on the drum line,” said Anthony Strader. “I play the marimba, along with many other instruments,” said Hussell-Davis. There is a variety of instruments a student could play and if you do not want to play an instrument you could be on the dance team.

“I have also played the vibraphone, xylophone, glockenspiel, and concert bass drum,” said Hussell-Davis. You can always switch instruments if you choose to and a lot of people in the band play different instruments in middle school.

“I enjoy band a lot and it gives me a lot of time to spend with my friends,” said Strader. Band gives freshmen the opportunity to meet new people and make friends before school starts.

“It is a lot of hard work. You have to put a lot of time and mental effort into marching band,” said Hussell-Davis. “You have to give up a lot of time, but we work hard because we represent our school and state.”said Strader. Most students in band will agree that it is a lot of hard work but also rewarding.

“The show this year is called Mind Over Matter, it is about the mind,” said Hussell-Davis. The show this year is different compared to last year and is a big change to their style.

“I like the show, because it’s personally more difficult for myself, and makes me increase my musical proficiency. I think I like it more than last year, for the reason that I am being challenged more,”said Hussell-Davis

“We have several big competition such as, BOA and the State competition,” said Strader. The band is excited for their big competition, Band Of America, also known as BOA, which is band competing from all over America.

“I sure hope we do, it all depends on how hard everyone works and presents the show,” said Strader. The band is hoping to win at BOA, but that is going to take lots of hard work from everyone.

“I certainly hope so, if I were a betting man, I’d bet on it,” said Hussell-Davis. The band hopes they will go undefeated again this year and they are confident that they can do it if they work hard and give it their all.