Summer’s Not Over, Yet!

Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

Sept. 22, 2018 is the final official day of summer. Even though our summer break may have ended weeks ago, we all have just a few more days, one last chance, to make the most of the summer.

Junior, Alexis Spurlock was elated to hear that her summer was, in fact, not over just yet.

“I didn’t know summer wasn’t over,” said Spurlock. “I spent 95% of my summer with friends.”

Summer break is not only a fantastic time to hang out with friends, but also out and about with family on different trips.

“I went to Myrtle Beach, Emerald Pointe Water Park, Camp Kaleb, and swam a lot,” said Spurlock. Summer is a time for not only relaxing and taking time for ourselves, but time with others as well.

As the weather begins to change, finding its way towards Fall and changing leaves, what are we going to do to finish off our summer?

“Probably Fall Fest and see some movies,” said Spurlock. The Barboursville Fall Fest parade will be on Sept. 14, and the carnival is open from Wednesday until Saturday.

Though our summer is officially nearing its end, we all know there is at least one thing we will never forget from our experiences so far.

“I’ll never forget hanging out with my best friend, Hannah,” said Spurlock.

As our summer nears its end, we must all prepare ourselves, post our final beach selfies and begin to pack away our shorts, preparing for hoodie and boots weather once again.