Freshman Classes So Far

Freshman Classes So Far

Dylan Maynard, Reporter

Cabell midland high school just got a fresh new load of students (freshman). The freshman at midland are still getting used to their new classes. So some people wonder how they are doing in their new classes.

Freshman Liam short says he likes most of his classes but they are harder than middle school. “We’ll all my class are more challenging than middle school the others but are not that bad most of them are just as good as the rest,” Liam also says the only class he doesn’t like is science. “If I would be taken out of one of my classes it would have to be my sci. class because I do not like the teacher.”  

Liam goes on to say he likes the class but not the teacher. “Well it is not the class itself I just don’t like the teacher,” Liam also says he would not like to leave the class just get a different teacher. “Well if I was had to pick a different class I would get a different teacher for the class.”

Freshman Zach brown says he likes his classes so far, “ So far they are pretty good I can’t really complain about most of them,” Zach also says the only class he doesn’t like is band. “The only class I don’t like is my band class.”

Zach says he would rather go to guitar than band, “I like band but it doesn’t interest me anymore,” Zach goes on to say he’s step dad teaches him guitar and it interests him. “my step dad teaches me the guitar and I would play more with the guitar than any instrument in band.”