Freshman Thoughts About High School

Freshman Thoughts About High School

Ruth Brown, Reporter

Students of Cabell County began a new school year on August 20, 2018. A new school year means a new class of freshmen. Many new students were nervous the first couple weeks, but then they usually get used to it.

Normally, freshmen’s thoughts about high school change within the first month of school. Their first thoughts shifty from “how am I going to get through this” to “this is a really big school.” It can be overwhelming with the amount of people at Cabell Midland High School.

“There were so many people when I started school,” said freshman, George Wait.

There were many people who where also excited to start school. Many freshmen were expecting something, but they found it to be completely different.

“It was completely different than what I had expected,” said freshman, Michael Parsons.

Many freshmen were excited to start their first year of high school. Different students had different ideas of how high school would turn out. A lot of them wished they could stay home and sleep, others were excited for school and for what adventures lie ahead for them.

“I thought it was going to be interesting,” said Parsons

This new school year will turn out very different for freshmen, that is including all the changes made this year. They will learn how to navigate through their new life as high school students.