Football Season

Football Season

Danielle Hughes, Staff reporter

This year’s football team is doing amazing. This is my first year seeing a Midland game and based on what I’ve seen so far they are extremely good.

Freshman Lillian Bass said, “They are just so good, they are amazing and I love how good they play. Hopefully they are like this all season. I wish they were this good in middle school.”

Freshman Mitchel Bell agrees with Bass. “They are doing an outstanding job this season. They beat St. Albans by so much on the first game. We’ve won two out of three games.”

“They are really good this year and the quarterback is doing a superb job.” said Bass.

“The defensive line is strong this year so we have a good chance of making it to state. The wide receivers are so fast, its remarkable!” said anonymous.

“Love how vigorous the offensive tacklers are.” said junior Maddy Adkins. “The boys work together so well, it’s remarkable how well they use team work.”

I love how we have a game every Friday so that way if we can’t go to support them at one game there’s one the next Friday and how they start later in the day so we still have a few hours to do stuff that we need to do when we get home like take a shower, do homework, or get together with a group of friends.