Working During High School


Hobbies come in every size and shape!

Morgan Nelson, staff reporter

When you’re in high school, working doesn’t necessarily come easy while taking classes like AP and dual credit. Unless you are the type who can juggle school, sports (if you’re in any), and work all at the same time then I suggest that you focus on what’s more important; school.

“It’s stressful to me but makes me feel more mature and helps to motivate me to get assignments done for both work and school,” said junior Maddy Adkins. “I don’t particularly work midnights because the job I have consists of taking photographs for people to remember the event.”

“I like to work because for my job, I work on Sundays and it doesn’t interfere with school,” said junior Meredith Mears.

“I am a photographer, I work on my own and develop/print the photos all on my own without anyone’s help but I don’t care to work with others to get the assignment/event over with so I can move on to my next event,” said Adkins. “Weekends are usually more packed and I usually have one or two days out of the weekdays.”

“I watch the nursery kids for a church and I absolutely love it,” said Mears.

“I usually get paid an estimated twenty dollars an hour on most events and I am saving up for a car and college but mainly a car at this moment,” said Adkins.

“I don’t work any hours during school or on school days, but I do work three hours on Sundays,” said Mears. “Thirty dollars every Sunday but so far I spend it before I can save it.”