Do Students Care About Their Grades?


Bridget Rajarajan, staff reporter

Grades are a big part of Highschool.  How do you continue life if your grades are the worst?  Do students care about having good grades?

Junior Amber Mount says she tries to get the best grades she can.  She works hard to reach her highest potential.  She gets upset when she gets a grade below c, because she knows she could get a better grade than that.

Junior Whitney Herrera strives to get good grades, so that she can get into a good collage.  Unlike Mount, Herrera does not get upset when getting a C.  She says that it’s average.

“I do get upset when I get a C, because my parents are strict.  So I try to aim for a B at best,” Junior Morgan Nelson said.  She tries to get good grades to please her parents, not herself.

All three girls do best in their favorite classes.  When they enjoy doing something, they listen and do better in the subject.  They all have A’s in their favorite classes.

Then in their least favorite classes the answers were all different, “I actually have an A in my least favorite class, surprisingly,” Herrera said.

“I have a B in Chemistry,” Mount said.

“I’m not sure.  I don’t like checking my grades, but I think I’m doing okay,” Nelson said.

All these girls have different studying habits and different home environments that affect the way they learn and study.  Some of them are encouraged more and others have other things to do at home, like chores or watching there siblings.  Many different factors go into a student actually caring about their grades.