Four Important Photography Tips

Ruth Brown, Reporter

Photography is a hobby shared among people. It is much more than taking photos and editing them. Getting creative is the proper way to photography. People learn about how a camera works, learn to solve problems creatively, and learn how to use different photoshop software.

There are many tips and tricks to learn in photography. Here are just a few that are important to know:

1.Find a New and Creative Way to Shoot Portraits

One of the most common kinds of photography is portraits. The most common way to shoot those portraits is to shoot directly at the subject. Find other things to shoot at while still having the person as the subject. For example, if you cannot find a suitable angle for shooting, dump out a bottle of water on the concrete and take a reflective portrait shot at the water. The right settings should let the subject be seen clearly in the reflection of the water

2. Taking Clear Action Shots

Taking the perfect action shots require the camera settings to be just right. A setting someone should know about when taking action shots is shutter speed. This function is the most important setting for these types of pictures. The higher the shutter speed, the sharper the picture. The shutter speed should be at or above 1/200, if not, the picture will turn out to be blurry. If you’re lucky with taking action shots, then one will turn out just right.

3. The Rule of Thirds

The rule of thirds on a camera is like a tic-tac-toe board. The lines are important for most pictures you take. Using the rule means you do not center the subject in the middle of the viewfinder (the screen you look through to take a photo). Instead, there are four points where the subject can be: lower left, upper left, lower right, and the upper right of the graph. Taking a picture using the rule of thirds can make your photo stand out more than if your subject was in the center.

4. Lighting is EVERYTHING

Lighting in photography is the most important aspect in taking a picture. It determines how well your photo will turn out. There are many great light sources like lamps or even fires, but the most common source of light is the sun. Lighting can affect the tone and mood of the photo. It can even highlight the drama in the photo. There are many different positions the light can show. Standing in front of the light brings out more detail.

Mastering the are of photography takes years to learn. There are many hacks and tips to taking good photos. Study the subject and it can be guaranteed that you can take the perfect picture.