Jenna Lemley, Reporter

I remember like it was yesterday that I was a freshmen. It goes by faster then you can imagine. As a senior I can hardly believe it. Enjoy every lasting minute of high school because I promise the closer it gets to ending the more real it gets and you can end up realizing all that you’ve missed out. When I was an underclassmen I remember being asked what I expected out of the rest of high school so I went around to some underclassmen and got their thoughts on it. I asked a younger friend what excites them about the rest of high school. “Being an upperclassman and being able to go half day”, says sophomore football player Isaiah Vaughn. I can say I related to this when I was an underclassmen because the whole time you are one you just cant wait for it to be over and then when it’s almost over you wish you could go back. Even as an underclassmen you need to be having plans for how you want the rest of high school to go. “Getting a good education and a fun time”, says junior Jay Hawthorne. There is so much you should fulfill in high school while you can. Don’t get caught up in things that don’t matter or that aren’t worth your time. Take everything that happens as a lesson learned or just learn something from everything whether it’s good or bad because it will help you grow as a person. Enjoy it all, do it all and don’t wish it all away.