After School Activities

Joshua Biser, Co-editor

Many after school activities are offered at Cabell Midland.  From archery to football, or band, there are options for people with a wide variety of interests


“I’ve been in the band here for 4 years,” said senior Lydia Scibek, “I joined because it was something new, and it’s really fun.”


Other students prefer other activities, such as sports.

“I choose to do soccer because I’ve enjoyed playing soccer since I was little.” Said senior Isabelle Litteral


When participating in after school activities, there is usually some kind of practice.

“We start by jogging around the field to warp up,” said Litteral, “then we do drills, such as keep away or passing.  We also practice by scrimmaging.”


A hard practice doesn’t mean that there aren’t opportunities to be had from joining an activity.

“A good reason to join band,” said Scibek, “Is you get to be a part of a community, as well as make friends.”


Being a part of certain activities can affect the time you have to do work.

“Sometimes it affects me,” said Scibek, “Usually it just makes me want to do it in advance, so I can avoid it being late.”

Other students may not always get the opportunity to do the work in advance, though.

“It doesn’t always affect me,” said Litteral, “If it does, it just usually means I have to stay up a little later to make sure it gets done.


Nothing is perfect, however, some students believe that sometimes a break is in order.

“I think a few days off sometimes could be nice,” said Litteral, “we do practice often.”

Sometimes students believe certain changes should be made in order to better the program.

“The band definitely needs more funding from the school,” said Scibek, “Sometimes not having funds limits what we’re able to do, which isn’t fun.”