Behind the Scenes: Fall Fest Parade


Elizabeth Simmons

Barboursville Fall Fest

Elizabeth Simmons, Reporter

The Fall Fest parade in Barboursville is an annual tradition in which members of the community come together and are recognized for everything they do. Cabell Midland students of all ages participate in the parade each year, but many don’t know much about what really goes on behind the scenes.

Junior, Mckenna Nixon has been a resident in Barboursville since 2010 and she’s been a part of the festivities in the Village since then. Recently, she’s been able to join a group that allows her to walk in the parade.

“I’ve walked in the parade for the past two years and I’ll be walking in it again [this year],” said Nixon. “I walk with the LEO’s Club.”

The parade is a great way to get kids out and involved with groups in the community by catching candy and often wearing costumes as a tradition.

“It feels amazing to know that you are in charge of the candy and you can give it to the kids,” said Nixon. “You know that they might see you and want to join the club or team you’re in when they get older so they can walk in the parade. They really look up to you.”

Nixon knows first-hand what it’s like to look up to those in the parade.

“If I’m not in it, my family goes to cheer on a friend,” said Nixon. “Well, I might go for the candy too.”

Sophomore, Hannah Burns also knows the feelings of being the child and the walker.

“My family went when I was a kid several times,” said Burns. “This is my second year walking with the marching band.”

Burns also has a different opinion on what it feels like to be the one kids are looking up to.

“The band doesn’t pass out candy,” said Burns. “It’s kind of weird and sometimes awkward because of that.”

Both Nixon and Burns can agree that it’s wonderful to walk in the parade, and each of them would encourage anyone to participate if ever given the chance.

“I love it,” said Burns. “It makes me happy to show off our school.”

“I absolutely enjoy walking in the parade,” said Nixon. “I get to throw candy and hang out with my friends!”

The parade has been a tradition for ages, and hopefully for many more years to come. In the meantime, enjoy the carnival Sept. 14 and 15!