Advice From Teachers

Tessa Spurlock , Reporter

As we approach midterm all students want their grades to be good and that is not always easy for all students, but the Cabell Midland teachers have some advice for all students.

“Do not break the law. Arrests and legal issues are things that can screw up your life and family for a long time,” said teacher Peter Starnes “Those things tend to stick around on your permanent record.” Throughout your high school career there are many things you as a student should and should not do, legal issues are one of the things you should stay away from as much as possible.

When it comes to studying there is no way to know exactly what will work for students, everyone learns differently. “Find what works for you. Notes are a working progress, you can add, color code, or anything you like. They are yours,” said teacher Angela Faller.

“Be Organized! The more organized you are the easier it will be to keep up with schoolwork,” said Starnes. For freshmen high school can be very overwhelming, but there is things students can do to make it through their first year.

“Listen to your teachers, they will guide you week through this transition year,” said Faller. Freshmen year is the transition from a smaller middle school with a bunch of students that you know and see, to a huge high school with many unfamiliar faces.

“There is not as much guidance in your sophomore year, start taking more responsibility for yourself,” said Faller “Take harder classes and push yourself to do better.” Sophomores year is very different compared to freshmen year. It is like the students were dropped off an edge. Classes and teachers are harder, and everything is so spread out

“Prep for college. Study for the ACT and SAT, and take it twice. Or prepare for your future career if college is not something you want to do,” said Starnes. Junior year is hard there is a lot of things going on, but there is a point to all the tests. Just prepare for your future.

“Seniors- leave your mark on the school, be a good leader for the underclassmen. Do not take any moment for granted, some of these friends you have spent the last 12 or so years with may not be as close friends in the future,” said Faller.

“Relax, but take care of business. Finish strong, but take time to enjoy your last year of high school,” said Starnes. For a students last year in high school, they should enjoy and do their best.

“Only if it is meaningful and focuses students to think critically,” said Starnes. When it comes to homework every student asks ‘why do we have to do it?’, well homework can help you to not forget what you just learned and to get you to be responsible for doing work on their own, that is why some teachers believe it is important.

“That is why we have tutors,” said Faller. Students will always need help what school work and they should never be scared to ask for help.

“I think the new grading scale will help students that are college bound get used to how grades are done at Universities,” said Starnes. The new grading scale was going back to the old 10 point grading scale, which will help students have better grades.