10 Point Grading System


Summer Boling, Reporter

With this year came the change of the grading system. This time around it was done to mirror Marshall’s “10 point” grade system.

This was considered to be a good idea respectively, but it came with some concerns to multiple students. Josh Boling, midland alumni said “The change was for the best, it’ll make the system far more efficient.”

However, multiple students have claimed that the change will lead to a more difficult grading system. Despite it’s overall appearance.

Either way, the “mirror” has been said to be more of a concept than a new system. Multiple teachers have said that this change will not make classes easier to any extent. Instead, many have claimed that they never graded using strictly points, but gave what they believed a student deserved.

The grade system instead models a ranking system over a point-based system.

Regardless, the change has been accepted overall, and is expected to remain the grade system for the next few years, as it seems to hold itself better than past systems.